We are manufacturer of metallic drums
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This family company was created in 1909 with the ambition to make drums, we improved over the years, by acquiring a profound experience and standing out for quality and personalized service.

In addition to 100 years of experience in the market as a manufacturer of metal packaging, our philosophy has evolved from the hands of our customers by getting to know their history and evolution as well as their needs.

Today, we propose an ample range of products, high-quality, which covers and adapts itself to every need, accompanied with a series of additional recommendations which will make increase his (her, its) profitability.

We propose drums personalized with every type of details, this allows our customers to present their products with exclusive cans, in any colour, with any screen printing or any handles or closures, etc.

Furthermore, we also bring flexibility as regards the volume, by realizing productions adapted to the quantities which the customer needs, always under a rigorous quality control.

bidones apilables

Drums for solids

In this section you can find information on our drums for solids.

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bidones para líquidos

Drums for liquids

In this section you can find information on our drums for liquids.

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accesorios bidones


In this section you can find information on our accessories for drums.



In this section you can find information on our products: drums for solids, drums for liquids and complements …


We bet on an integral service for our customers as well as value our aspect.


An important part of the Graells production goes to the fine chemicals sector where quality levels are very demanding.

How do we work?

Most than 100 years of experience of the company allowed us to notice that the most mattering is the working team: for it, we bet on the motivation, the conciliation and the training.

We want to be a company where the employees like working, so we are determined to create a place of respect.

Our philosophy is the implication, we try to be effective to give a fast answer and adapt us to the demands of our customers in a flexible way.

We work with innovations to evolve. We intend annually an important percentage of the profit I + D in the innovation of infrastructures as well as a promotion for the team of works.