We are manufacturer of metallic drums
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Quality I +D

An important part of the production of our company is intended for the sector of the fine chemistry where the quality levels are very demanding, that’s why we count on professional’s team which realize controls on products and on process of production of its origin in its destination by guaranteeing our products in its entirety.

· The controls of check of the ratification are realized by means of unitarian control included in the productive process, where the following checks are realized:

  • Control of weld
  • Control of waterproof Ness
  • Checks in coating
  • Control of finish

· By sampling, where the following proofs are realized:

  • Fill the can until its limit
  • Apply a maintained static weight
  • Make fall the can of various level
  • Waterproofness with an internal hydraulic pressure

The drums are certified in their entirety for land, air, sea and rail transport.

The sanitary certification is our best guarantee, the wide range of internal finish makes of our barrels of the packaging which suits foodstuffs, delicate and aggressive.

All our barrels can be personalized with colours, letters as well as finishes.


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